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Mission of the “Little Blue” foundation

 Because the main part of her scuba diving career was devoted to handicapped people, we as her parents decided to continue our daughter’s passion…

Joanna’s parents

Asia Kułakowska


Asia (Joanna) Kulakowska was born on the 8th of June, 1984 in Warsaw. After a happy childhood she moved with her parents to London, UK in 1990. There she started her primary education in the Sellincourt primary school. During her three years there she learned a lot, including fluent English as well as tolerance and respect for other people, irrespective of race or nationality. After returning to Warsaw, she continued her education at primary school and then high school. It was there that she discovered her first passion – sailing. During the next 5 years she took part in numerous sailing races on both small and big boats, including Tall Ship races, and was awarded high sailing degrees. She actively participated in the „Edukacja pod Żaglami” and „Sail Training International” projects.

Meanwhile she continued her education at Warsaw University, studying philology and West European culture. She successfully passed her final exams in 2008. In 2005 she began her latest and what became her greatest passion – scuba diving. Starting from the very beginning and gaining all necessary degrees, in 2008 she embarked on a professional scuba diving career. One of her main activities was the training of handicapped scuba divers in the “Nautica” team. Each year in spring and summer she was responsible for running the „Nautica” office in Hvar, Croatia, where she also conducted PADI training. In autumn and winter she was involved in handicapped scuba divers training in Warsaw. In January 2011 she organized and conducted her first scuba diving excursion to Mexico.

When she was in Warsaw, she also worked as a lecturer of the English language at the „SJ Bakałarz” school. In addition, she translated several articles from English, French and Italian, including scuba diving manuals and books. She was especially proud of translating from English to Polish, a book for instructors of scuba diving for handicapped persons. At the end of May, 2011 she went for the last time to Stari Grad, Hvar, Croatia to take care of the „Nautica” office as well as new fans of scuba diving. A tragic accident ended her short but very colorful life on the 9th of August, 2011.

Because the main part of her scuba diving career was devoted to handicapped people, we as her parents decided to continue our daughter’s passion and have established the “Little Blue” foundation. The main objective is to help handicapped people who are involved in scuba diving. We know how many problems they may encounter, but at the same time we also know how brave they are, and how many problems they can resolve by themselves. However, there are situations when they need some help. The foundation is called “Little Blue” because our daughter was fragile, her life was short and the foundation itself probably will not be a big organization. Thus, “Little Blue” is a small, younger sister of the “Big Blue” – that huge and mysterious territory which attracts all scuba divers. In the foundation logo you can find a sea horse – Joanna’s favorite sign which was present in her official documents as well as on her scuba diving suit.

We do hope that the foundation will really help handicapped scuba divers, and that our daughter will be glad that we are continuing her passion.

Joanna’s parents